Selling Strategies for a Soft Market

This week, Ask the Realtors takes on the ìsoftî sellerís real estate market in the Grand Traverse area with our 8 Keys to Selling Success ó Strategies for our Soft Market.

If you are selling your home ó if you are even considering selling your home ó you absolutely cannot ignore these guidelines, especially right now when it is so challenging to be successful.

When tackling any major event (and selling your home is a major event), you first have to define your objectives very clearly.

1. Make a plan.

Like any well-coached team, the greater the plan and preparation, the greater the likelihood of success. If you are married, you need to actually sit down with your spouse and reach a firm agreement on these important questions:

What are your motivations for selling your home? What happens if it doesnít sell? (You know, like three quarters of all the other properties listed For Sale out thereÖ)

What is your realistic timeline? What happens if it takes longer than youíre planning to sell your home?

What is your financial situation? What are your options? What is the best course of action for your financial health and future? Who do you know that you can trust, and who can actually help you assess your options? What if your financial situation is in already in distress, or about to be?

How are you going to go about answering these questions? And then how are you going to go about implementing your plan and selling your home?

Keep tabs on us for the next number of weeks, and by Ground Hogís Day you will be ready to implement your carefully crafted plan for selling your home. We will go over a complete selling strategy, piece by piece, so you can ìWow!î the Grand Traverse area real estate market like a well-oiled machine.

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Last Updated: December 06, 2007