8 Big-time Buyer Mistakes #5

#5 - Failing to negotiate successfully considering all of the various personality types, transaction scenarios, and expensive oversights

Oh, Boy. Listen, TEAM MIKE works with buyers, sellers, agents, lenders, appraisers, inspectors, attorneys, brokers, tax assessors, coordinators, prospective buyers and sellers, assistants, marketing agents, trustees, surveyors, financial advisers, zoning administrators, health inspectors, title company closers, mortgage underwriters, and accountants all day long. So does any active real estate agent. Good agents are very skilled at negotiating in their clientsí best interests because that is what they do for a living ó they get lots of practice.

All of an agentís effort is for naught until both sides of a transaction are happy and the transaction is complete. That buyer has to be happily tucked into their new home and that seller has to be gleefully counting their money or the agent does not earn a dime. Realtors have lots and lots of practice with lots and lots of different people in lots of different situations. Each one is at least a little different from all the rest and experience goes a looooonnnggg way towards achieving success.

Stop and add up all of the successful sales and purchases of real estate that you have been involved in through your adult lifetime. Odds are very good that an active and successful Realtor has helped their clients enjoy that much success in their real estate investments in the last month alone.

It is not impossible for people to purchase property without the assistance of a licensed Realtor, but why risk such an important endeavor without utilizing everything at your disposal? Would you similarly attempt to start your own small business without utilizing the professional services of a good attorney, banker, and accountant, especially if their services were free?

Last Updated: November 12, 2007