8 Big-time Buyer Mistakes #2

#2 - Not knowing whom an agent is working for & what their responsibilities are

Read last weekís Ask the Realtors blog about real estate agency in Michigan if you missed it, or are unsure about what agency means and how it works specifically. Suffice it to say that itís of paramount importance for buyers to know and understand agency, who an agent is obligated to, and specifically what those obligations are. In the State of Michigan, until you enter into a Buyer Broker Agreement with an agent, their ability to represent your best interests is needlessly constrained, and they are in fact obligated to represent sellers of listed properties. If you are not sure whom your agent is working for ó ask them. Your Realtor should fully explain agency before any offer is written or negotiations commence ó really at the outset of your interaction with them. You want a good agent working hard for your best interests.

Last Updated: November 09, 2007