8 Big-time Buyer Mistakes to Avoid

Hello real estate-savvy readers,

If you have been reading TEAM MIKEís Ask the Realtors blog lately you know that the Grand Traverse area real estate market is very strong for buyers, like it is across much of the United States.

You may be asking yourself, ìHow do I take full advantage of such a strong buyerís market?î

Here are TEAM MIKEís 8 Big-time Buyer Mistakes to Avoid in the Traverse City real estate market. We will analyze all of these big-time mistakes in greater detail in upcoming Ask the Realtors blogs (except real estate agency, which we covered last week).

#1 - Failing to use the (free) professional services of experienced, principled, and successful real estate agents,/b>

Some times a buyer will avoid using Realtorsí services under the mistaken beliefs that itís too expensive, that they can save money by bypassing those services, or that the real estate agent wonít be able to negotiate as a good a ìdealî with the seller as the buyer can directly. Buyers who make big-time mistake #1 are missing out on the biggest advantage and best ìdealî available as they try to purchase property in Michigan, and that mistake can be a very expensive one in terms of time, effort, money, and ultimate outcome.

We discussed the nature real estate agency and the cost of utilizing agentsí professional services when buying (theyíre free) in last weekís ìAsk the Realtorsî blog, so letís look at some of the ways a buyerís agent can save you time, effort and money as you try and find The One in this market.

Realtors can greatly assist clients sort through the sea of available properties in their local market, and develop a lucid view of the best candidates quickly and effectively. Yes, you can read through newspapers, or even drive around neighborhoods in your car, but with gasoline at $3 a gallon and rising, these are neither quick nor efficient methods for obtaining The One.

Even with the unprecedented access that laymen consumers have gained to real estate markets worldwide through the Internet, any savvy buyerís agent can greatly increase the speed, breadth, and effectiveness of a clientís efforts with the variety of resources available to Realtors. Any buyers who are utilizing an agentís services are going to have first crack at the choicest, best-priced homes because they are focusing greater, more specialized resources in their efforts.

When buying a home, if you are trying to negotiate directly with the seller, or heaven-help-you the sellerís agent, you are not taking advantage of your best potential asset ñ- the free professional services of the top local agent(s) of your choice.

Last Updated: November 08, 2007