State of the Real Estate Market - 2007

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TEAM MIKE here with our much-anticipated State of the Real Estate Market Address for the Grand Traverse area, Fourth Quarter, 2007.

You might be thinking, ìOh man, what kind of doom and gloom do these two Realtors have about the current real estate market?îÖorÖ ìBet that TEAM MIKEís got a lot of time on their hands as slow as the real estate market is right now.î


And since youíre a reader of Ask the Realtors, you will be constantly in the know from here forward.

Unlike investing in the stock market, where, when the market is ìgoodî the average investor does ìgood,î and when the market is ìpoorî the average investor does poorly, for the most part, the real estate market always has a ìgoodî side.

You just have to know what the upside is and be able to take advantage of it.
Right now is not a ìgoodî market if, say, you and your husband really worked hard in the last five years or so and bought the biggest, best, most beautiful home the two of you could possibly afford, while you both made as much money as either of you ever had. And now youíre both thinking youíd much rather downsize, spend more time on your bikes, maybe travel, and play with your absolutely adorable grandkids. Your home is worth between $250,000 and $450,000, and maybe youíve taken a second mortgage out on it. If you want or need to sell your home quickly, and owe much of (or more than) its worth, this is not a good real estate market.

On the other hand, letís say youíve recently married (Congratulations!), are looking to start a family and know that you will be ecstatic not to be moving for the next three to five years. Or youíve almost convinced your significant other that life in Traverse City really is better than it is in [Öfill in any big city hereÖ] and that, yes, youíll both be making only 40 percent of what you currently make, but life in TC will be more than 60 percent better. There is not a better time to buy a home in the Grand Traverse area.

For buyers (particularly those who donít have a home they need to sell in order to buy), the Grand Traverse area real estate market isnít ìgood,î itís GREAT!

Check back with us next week when we continue our look at the TEAM MIKE State of the Real Estate Market - Fall 2007.

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Last Updated: October 18, 2007