MIKE GAINES will work with you to develop a custom-tailored Home Preparation & Enhancement Plan that can make a dramatic difference in how quickly your house sells, and the price you can obtain in the market.

Within the first 15 seconds a Buyer has developed an opinion about your property. In a real estate market where there may be tens, dozens, or even hundreds of properties for sale like yours, Your Property must shine!!

Today's Buyers are more educated and savvy than ever before and we want to present your house and property in "Show Quality." The same way you clean, polish, vacuum, and detail your used car before trying to put it on the market, we will want to clean, organize, de-clutter, and spruce up your house to show it off in its absolute best light.

Think about it: if gaining the most lucrative offer in the least amount of time is your ultimate goal in selling your property, then it should appear in its absolute best shape as it enters the marketplace, and we have to work to keep it in that top shape until it "Wows" the Buyer, who had found The One.

Show Quality vs. Lived In

There is a BIG difference between the way a home appears as you are living in it, and how it should appear when it is placed FOR SALE on the real estate market.

If you are trying to attract the largest number of interested capable buyers, the condition of your property is of the greatest importance. It will often mean the difference between an efficient, "top dollar" SALE, and a more painstaking and less lucrative one.

Check out these Proven Techniques, and contact us when we can be of additional help:

Tidy Up - The grounds, rooms, garage, porches, planters, driveway, pantry, basement, kitchen, closets, registers... It is impossible to over-clean or over-emphasize this point.
Clean all the windows - The more light in the better, and the view out ANY window is nicer with clean glass. This is never a favorite among Sellers. Remember, you are in direct competition with all those lazy, non-window cleaners and your home will sparkle with lots of clean glass.
Decorate & "Honey Do" before you list your home - The old adage goes: "Paint is worth $20 in the can, but $200 on the walls." Now is the time to get your house in Show Quality.
Kitchens & Bathrooms Sell Homes - Make these rooms sparkle. We know it's not glamorous, but these make or break sales all of the time.
Your Front Door - Gives a vital first impression, especially as the Realtor and Prospect get the door unlocked. Scrub it clean, and repaint if you can.
Leave Showing the House to the Realtor - It is his/her area of expertise, and if your Listing Agent know's what he's doing, you'll already have discussed with him your property's strong points and what your Marketing Plan entails.
Never Apologize for Appearance - If you've followed Technique #1, clean & neat is universal, the rest is taste, and "there's no accounting for that."
Illumination is a Welcome Sign - Fill every light socket with a bright bulb.
Pick it up, and Put it Away. - Wash the dishes, Make the Beds, store your Yard Tools, straighten newspapers, magazines, and the office desk. Then see Technique #1.
Do Not Discuss Anything Concerning the Sale with the Prospect - It's like inviting the other team into your huddle before you snap the ball.

Let MIKE GAINES discuss price, terms, possession, and everything else. I will have already gone over all of this information together with you in detail, and it most likely has already been provided. Plus, our Coach/Client Team needs to always present a clear story. This is easiest to do if we always speak through your Agent. That's why you hired me!
Keep Pets ( & Kids ) Out of the Way - When your house is being shown, one type of Prospect is distracted, the other annoyed. Let your Show Quality House be center stage.
Keep All Stairs, Hallways & Steps Clear - It is a human psychology-thing, Passage Into and Through The Home. It has legal liability ramifications too, obviously and unfortunately. Nothing like clean-swept front steps.
Secure Firearms, Jewelry, Cash, Prescriptions - and all other valuables. Keep all the honest people honest and remove the potential for any difficulties along these lines.
Refer to Us - Anyone not accompanied by a Licansed Real Estate Agent SHOULD NOT BE ALLOWED through your home. This covers more than one very important issue.

You may look at this list and think, "we already do a lot of this." Read the Show Quality vs. Lived In paragraph again.

No one lives in a show quality home, but trying to keep it that way is The Second Most Powerful Thing You Can Do TO SELL YOUR HOME.

I really like this aspect of real estate, and continuing with our Coach/Client Analogy, this is another area where I CAN REALLY HELP YOU A LOT!

CONTACT MIKE GAINES when I can answer your questions or be of further assistance.

Last Updated: March 30, 2011